Highlight Reel

I often feel like there is nothing fun to do in Astana, however, I couldn’t tell you what I used to do for fun in Minneapolis either. This winter and spring have seemed quite bountiful for enjoyable activities despite being few and far between. I didn’t get around to blogging about any of them either, so I’ve compiled a few highlights here.

Astana Football Club vs. Lisbon’s Sporting Clube de Portugal

Astana Arena

This was my first professional football match ever. We had seats right behind the goal posts and saw AFC score in the first half…and the three goals by LSC in the second. Despite losing, the atmosphere was lively and very enthusiastic! And for about $4 a ticket, it was definitely worth the money!

Inside Astana Arena

Ne Prosto Orchestra – Music from Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings

This event put me in nerd heaven. I vividly remember each time I saw the Lord of the Rings in the theater, not just each movie, but each time I saw it for the second, third, fourth times in the theater. The music tugs at the heart strings and builds profound excitement. It’s an excellent score. And Game of Thrones…no words are really needed to explain this show. The score is intense and chilling and can pull me back to a particular moment in a specific episode and wreck me all over again. To see these great scores performed live by an orchestra and full choir was an awesome experience! And for several songs, a few famous Kazakh performers were brought out for solos – one to perform on the Kobyz (a small cello-like instrument which stands on the knees and is played with a bow) and one to sing the Rains of Castamere. The best part about living in Astana is that someone will always record and share something online. You can check out some of the performances below.

Rains of Castamere

Blood of My Blood

My favorite of their Lord of the Rings performances. The choir was amazing!

Astana Bluegrass Survivors

I’ve actually had the chance to see Astana Bluegrass Survivors a few times at different venues in Astana. Their name is as it sounds, it’s bluegrass music in Astana. And it’s great! It is the closest feeling to home I’ve had while here since it is music you do not typically hear anywhere outside of the States. (Sorry no photos or videos)


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