And not the weird electronic song either.

Yesterday Astana was hit by a crazy storm that whipped up faster than most tornadoes I’ve experienced. I was looking out the window thinking, “Maybe I’ll walk to the hospital for exercise…” and then ten minutes later I looked up as I noticed the sky getting dark quickly and within a minute we had an intense storm on our hands.

I still have yet to hear how fast the winds were, but my guess is over 50 mph. Dirt and debris were flying through the air, metal roofing was ripped from the new campus houses, our dumpster port and dumpsters were strewn all over the ground (thus all the garbage flying through the air).

Here is my view from the sixth floor (the banging noise is our exterior window ledge):

Normally we get text messages when there are predicted storms or high winds, so quite frequently for the latter! But these winds hit so hard and fast that we did not get an alert this time. There was a lot of video from downtown Astana:

Things subsided within half an hour, but the damage was rather extensive. While in the taxi on the way to the hospital, I was shocked by the extent of the damage. The metal walls surrounding construction/building sites (which is probably half of Astana) were all completely leveled, the frames for some billboards were bent completely in half, and everything was a mess – it really looked like a war zone! Definitely the most intense storm I’ve experienced since my arrival!


3 thoughts on “Sandstorm

  1. Janet says:

    Thank goodness you were not walking and getting caught, like so many people did. It looked like a hurricane type winds. Even in Minnesota we don’t get this bad in the spring/summer. We some how skipped spring and went right into summer.


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