Making Snow!

We are having a particularly cold week in Astana. Most of the week will be around -20°F – you know, typical January weather. Monday, however, was a little chillier hovering around -30°F. What’s to be done in such frigid weather? Why, make snow of course! (I know, I know, like we don’t have enough snow in Astana already!)

No doubt you may have seen videos of people bundled up outside braving Arctic temperatures to toss boiling water in the air. I’ve always thought it looked like a good time, one way to make the icy weather less disappointing at least! So after a friend’s suggestion, that’s what a few of us spent a half hour doing yesterday – boiling water and throwing it into the air!

Main lesson from my first time making snow: if you have too much water in your pot, only about half of it will turn to snow, the rest will separate and fall to the ground.

And to give you an idea of Tuesday’s awesome weather forecast…



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