I Thought I Had More Time…

I thought I had more time. I thought “September and October are months of beauty – ideal temperatures, leaves changing, slowly diminishing days…” I’m not a Pumpkin Spice Latte person, but I totally get its appeal this time of year. About a week after Expo ended, I noticed a change. “Maybe I’ll just sleep in an extra hour…” or “Maybe I’ll just snuggle into the couch with a blanket instead of going out…” My wool comfort cardigan came out to visit. Things started to change more rapidly. Within the past week, I moved from my light windbreaker to the puffy jacket. I tried to convince myself. “There’s more time. Embrace fall, it’s still nice to walk around Astana.” That false hope was officially dashed this morning. Behold! Snow flurries.

10-4 Snow Flurries

October 4, 2017.

I thought I had more time.

Walking back from the store on September 23 (yes, I took note because it seemed ridiculous, we’d just been hiking in Borovoe week before!), I felt something wet touch my face and a moment later, my husband asked, “Is it snowing?” Yes, a very wet snow blew through the air, but melted on contact. A few days later, we had a similar snow mist, and again yesterday. Within two weeks of Expo ending on September 10th, temperatures dropped from 70s, to 60s, to 40s (we skipped the 50s entirely). Yesterday, we were in the 30s. And today, we’ve added snow.

I thought I had more time.

Gone are the hopes of ideal fall temperatures. Absent are the changing leaves, since Astana only has pines, and few at that. The slowly diminishing days are here, but get shorter even faster when it’s too cold to want to go out. We’ve moved from Pumpkin Spice to Peppermint Lattes in a matter of a week and a half. I want to hibernate.

I thought I had more time.

So as I grieve the loss of the non-existent fall here in Astana, remind yourself each day to be grateful for the season because you never know when its time will run out.


**UPDATE: the next morning…**


October 5, 2017. 



3 thoughts on “I Thought I Had More Time…

  1. Deb Rockenbach says:

    Oh Katie, Katie, Katie. You are doing more living in your young life than I’ve ever done or ever will do. You’ll enjoy many many fall seasons my dear friend!

    Meanwhile – I MISS YOU! When is your next visit?




    • skybluegoldensun says:

      Haha! I was feeling melodramatic this morning, especially after the news back home this week. We just never know what life will throw at us — crazy weather or unexpected death. We should just savor what we have and be grateful for each moment.


      • Deb Rockenbach says:

        Or a moron for President – OOPS!
        Live every day like it’s your last! OK – a bit dramatic – (wink)


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