New Life, New Blog

I haven’t written “Mea Minneapolis” in almost four years. What started as a blog about moving to Minneapolis with my cat to start graduate school and share hobbies and things that interested me turned into a blog about my travels, and toward its end, travel tips, itineraries, and adventures around the world. I wrote about working on archaeological excavations in Turkey and France, trips to Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Georgia, and parts of the United States, and more stories than I’d like about airlines losing my baggage. These posts contained the sometimes stressed and frustrated ramblings of an Anthropology graduate student, descriptions of my research, and life in general.

It’s cliché to say how much can change in four years, but a lot can change in four years. I finished my PhD at the end of 2014. I’ve struggled through three seasons of the Anthropology job market. I got engaged and married in the first half of 2015. I took a job for which I was overqualified, but enjoyed because of the people and learned a lot about my core values as a person. The past four years have been full of unforeseen transitions, including a move to Kazakhstan at the start of 2017.

Life is different from when I wrote “Mea Minneapolis.” For this reason, I’ve retired it. “Sky Blue, Golden Sun” looks to the next few years of my life living in Kazakhstan with my husband and cat. As with everything (this move being a prime example), life is unpredictable. I’m not sure what I’ll have to tell you a week from now let alone a year from now. While I’m here I hope to write some academic and fiction pieces in addition to the blog, and perhaps try to learn some traditional Kazakh craft traditions as well as the Russian language. Beyond those simple goals, I refuse to predict where my path will lead.

What then can you expect from “Sky Blue, Golden Sun”? In some ways it may be similar to the old blog in that there will be travel tips and recommendations for Kazakhstan and beyond (I already have a trip to Seattle-Vancouver and another to Alaska planned for 2017). Some of my posts will likely cover Kazakh culture and history. Other posts will probably cover some mundane day-to-day, but through a new lens. But as I stated above, who knows what to expect from the next three years?

So stay tuned, be sure to subscribe to get the latest posts, and send questions! I think this will be a fun adventure for all of us!


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